• 1

    Just Key Points (Audio)

    • Terms and Concepts of DPI

    • Scope of What is Directed and Planned

    • Governance, Risk and Complaince (GRC)

    • Continual Improvement

    • Communication and Organisational Change Management (OCM)

    • Measurement and Reporting

    • Value Streams and Practices

  • 2

    Just Key Points Knowledge Test (Online)

    • Key terms and concepts of Direct, Plan and Improve​

    • The scope of what is to be directed and/or planned​

    • Governance, Risk and ​ Compliance (GRC)​ and The Key Principles and Methods of Continual Improvement

    • Principles and methods of communication and organisational change management (OCM)​

    • Key principles and methods of measurement and reporting​

    • How to direct, plan and improve value streams and practices.​

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